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donderdag 12 februari 2009


Remember the wonderfully romantic book of love letters that Carrie reads aloud to Big in the recent blockbuster film,Sex and the City? Fans raced to buy copies of their own, only to find out that the beautiful book didn't actually exist. However, since all of the letters referenced in the film did exist. Ursula Doyle collected them all together and there was the book
Love Letters of Great Men. Romantic letters from the private papers of Beethoven, Mark Twain, Mozart, and Lord Byron. Taken together, these letters show that perhaps men haven't changed all that much over the last 2,000 years--passion, jealousy, hope and longing still rule their hearts and minds. In an age of e-mail and texted "i luv u"s, this timeless and unique collection reminds us that nothing can compare to the simple joy of sitting down to read a letter from the one you love.......

I bought my copy at mr. bol the book is so nice.....

1 opmerking:

Welkom zei

Hoi Ellen,

Ik had het ook gelezen ergens, geweldig om dat boek te hebben!!
(ik vermoed dat jij het al hebt gescoord ;-) )

Groetjes Anita