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donderdag 18 december 2008


What would be the reason, for you, to change your hairdresser? Think about it. How difficult would a decision like that be? The reason to change is probably one of the most complex and difficult ones us women make. And often we stick to only one for ages, because you never know what you get.

Walking through the streets of Hong Kong I am thinking about my hair. I am having the day off, no kids and all the time I can wish for. So why not go to the hairdressers? Sounds easy but have you ever tried to do this in a city you're unknown to and a culture that uses the 'bowl model' or 'funky' hairdo's.
I pass several signs with 'Hair to go', 'Hair volume' and 'GoGo Hair', assuming these titles stand for hairdressers. I try to look inside but there is no window at all. Instead I run into old stairs that lead to..... a hairdresser?????

While I am walking there my doubts get stronger. Should I or shouldn't I? Why should I, a tall blond european girl, try to have a haircut in Hong Kong, is one of the thoughts that keeps on going through my mind. You must be either very desperate or .....grazy. Well not really desperate, but right now I'll never get an appointment before X-mas at home. And the look in the mirror this morning told me enough. So....... The convenience wins. No kids, spare time, so just pick one, I tell myself.
The first stairs I take is old, very old and arriving at the top, the door says ....closed! Is someone trying to tell me something?

I walk back to my hotel hoping to find a place that will solve my problem. Strolling down the streets I suddenly see a familiar window that looks like a hairdressers. Yes, definitely familiar, and right away there is the doubt again, should I or shouldn't I. I find myself judging the interior to conclude the desicion if I should go.

Finally crossed the line I am kindly directed to the washing area. A lady washes my hair....3 times!
I decide to let go. I made it so far and now it is her turn to do whatever she thinks is necessary.

Exactly a year ago I were in the same position at home. A december appointment was a no go, so I cut it myself. Can my Hong Kong lady do any worse?......


zondag 14 december 2008

A cup of....

A handpainted ceramic cup, filled with a mixture of birdseed and frying fat. Add a stick where the bird can sit on while eating.
Attach a rope, so you can hang it in the trees, and you have a nice treat for the birds......

Merry x-mas

zaterdag 24 mei 2008